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The computer. At home, on the road and at work we cannot live without it anymore.

When we founded Solve Information Technology twenty years ago, we could not suspect that you could trip over wireless internet, that social network sites consisted of more than a billion users, that DJ Armin van Buuren would not be able to play without a laptop and we would be able to see the whole world with Google Earth.

However, we did realize, that most computer errors occur between your computer's keyboard and the back of your seat. But also that this indispensable machine with we start our working day at the office by pressing one button, could falter... And you might get a tendency to throw the same device out of the window...

We made our business of computers and computer networking. But especially of people, who want to continue working when that device does not...

We focus especially at small and medium-sized enterprises , self-employed without staff, educational institutes like elementary schools, maritime solutions and (international) arbitration.



We, as small sized enterprise offer smart workplace (flexplace) solutions: access to your data with all your IT devices from any workplace. You decide who has access to certain data and who are allowed to share this information.

By saving and managing e-mail, agenda, contacts, tasks and notes centrally you save time, time you can invest in your company. With our Smart Business Service you have access to all your data at any time and everywhere, just like larger companies do. And when your company expands we simply adjust your management environment. Your wishes and demands are our priority and you can always continue working. May we convince you without obligation?

When you are self-employed without staff, you can shift your workload, but not escape from it. You work to be able to make ends meet and you work longer than people in employment. As you cannot continue without customers, you must bring your product or service to their attention. You can do that with your online business card: a website built by us and suitable for your budget. We also register and host your website.

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In times of inkpot and dip pen teachers told their students of huge machines in America. Mainframes, that were able to calculate the most complex arithmetical processes. In classrooms pen and paper are replaced by tablets, that provides us with more possibilities than the mainframes at that time: blackboard and chalk are replaced by the digital board. It is quite a while ago that teacher and student left the schoolproperty at the same time.

Education improves, but also becomes more complicated. A workplace at home / flexworkplace is an extension of the workplace in the classroom. While students send homework encrypted against fraude by e-mail via laptop or tablet, teachers process results and student information quickly and practically in order to share that with people who have access to these data. If desired tutor and management can coach the student at home via a PC monitor. Quick, cheap and practical!

For these users we became the smartest boy in the classroom. We use current information technology for IT infrastructure, which we can implement in any networksystem, suitable for any type of education and school and for low prices. Independent of hard- and software, but guaranteed ecologically sound.

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Times of lawyers entering courtrooms with arms full of paperwork and files are over. We are the right hand of both prosecutor as well as defendant when relevant information is concerned. Information that can lead to a charge or defence. Neither more nor less: we do not judge, but take care of all information that will lead to correct and fair judgement.

Solve IT does pioneering work when information of courts of justice and tribunals is concerned. We make sure, that relevant information reaches partie involved.

We bound or separate information with conflicting interest, provided that judge or any party has all facts within reach. Often privacy is involved and therefor we take care of reliable data transmission with net-Safeconnect.

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Our net-Master server protects your local network against threat from the Internet by means of an advanced firewal, similar to extremely expensive commercial firewalls (thousands of euros).

Our net-Master server also offert redundancy by forging multiple Internet connections to one Internet connection.

Your local network can be controlled by multiple network cards. We can use seveeral methods to obtain maximum capacity: segmenting and bounding, from 100Mb up to 10GB and with copper or glass.

The net-Master server has many Linux basic applications, developed and maintained by an Open Source Community. Commerce is not important, but quality and that is why there are hardly any problems. Should a problem occur, it is limited to only one application and not the whole system. Our net-Master servers are 100 % safe for Internet attacks.

More and more commercial developers discover the Linux platform: IBM with Lotus Notes groupware end Kerio with a Kerio-connect mail server. They offer more functionality than Exchange for instance. Even companies like Oracle, Steam, Google and Microsoft contribute to the functionality of Linux. In addition we develop applications, like management and monitor tools, net-SafeConnect and net-Safe disk for VPDN entrances and net-Transcripts for our net-Master servers. That way we indirectly contribute to the Open Source Community.

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Workplace / Flexible workplace

Times of “the” Windows PC are over. The flexible workplace is meant to enable you to work. You decide what you need: smartphone, desktop computer, ergonomic mouse and or silent desktop.

Solve IT looks at the desired situation and smartly applies technology. A Flex-PC is based on Android, so desktop flex workplaces can easily be managed. Within a few minutes the flex-PC is an integral part of your network. It can use full HD video, browse and connect to Remote Desktop Servers.

The smartOffice PC is a powerful Windows or Ubuntu computer. Performance and energy consumption are matched. No large harddisk, but a modern and fast SSD, a working memory of 4GB or more. The smartOffice PC is silent, it has a passive cooling system and therefore needs no fans. It is more than enough for the office.

For graphic programs like CAD and DTP systems we use Enhanced Machines (EM), Workstations or Apple MacPro's. The EM workstations are equipped with nVidia Quadro cards, whether or not with SLI setup.
The disk reaches speeds of 10.000 MB/sec because of a PCI-E SSD.

We have mobile flexible workplaces in various designs. Apple or Windows notebooks, iPads and Android tablets, but also SmartPhones and Chrome books can be used. You decide How, When and Where.


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Solve IT has an extremely affordable IWB, the “Digi-Eye”. This flexible system fits perfectly in existing school situations. The only thing you need, is Internet.

Associated hardware:
Digi-Eye sensor

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Working Safely

By using VPDN connections we succeeded in realizing a very safe connection between various devices.

The software on the dongle we use, sends encrypted data. The encryption can be altered per session or even multiple times per session.

We are proud to say that we created the safest connections in the world.

Even Arbitration Institutes prefer to work with this device.


Hosting and Webdesign

Suppose you want to create a website. The first task is to register a domain name; your internet address.

We can help you with registration, hosting and webdesign.


We have two concepts for webdesign:

  • Web-Op-Maat” for companies
  • Fluitje van een Klik” for educational institutes and clubs

Maintaining a website often was a problem. Creating a new website required much technical knowledge. That belongs to the past now, because we developed a simple packet you can use for creating and maintaining your website.

Reasons to choose for one of the above concepts:

  • You will be closely involved in creating your website.
  • You can implement your texts and pictures yourself, without delay.
  • The system is easy to use; if you are able to work with a word processor, you can also work with our page editor.
  • Google indexes every page.

The system is multi level safe. For more information, see Web-op-Maat and Fluitje van een Klik.

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Smart Business Service

Your cloud in our cloud server

As employer or self employed without staff you can work with your own net-Master server, but it is too expensive to buy your own hardware.

We deliver the Smart Business Server (SBS). Your server runs virtually in our data center; “your cloud in our cloud server”. Or, as they say, working in the 'Cloud'. Cloud is a marketing concept because every device connected with the Internet is already “in the Cloud”. It means, that the services used can be approached via the Internet. This can be your own server, but also our SBS.

The most important advantage of SBS is, that you do not need to worry about your IT. We care for backups, safety and updates. Even your privacy is guaranteed; licences are yours and so is your information, your data. It even is possible to store your data on your own harddisk. That harddisk is storage for your SBS. That way you will be less vulnerable if your computer, tablet and/or smartphone breaks down. You can connect almost every device to your SBS. You can do that with the PC of your neighbours or with a notebook or tablet you can rent from us.

In The Netherlands we can put a sticker on our mailbox to prevent reception of advertising leaflets and free local papers. We think this also counts for your e-mailbox and therefore we make sure spam and other annoying advertisements do not reach you.

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We think a workplace is much more than desk and height-adjustable chair. Nowadays your workplace is a flexspace, where you a perform in an ergonomic way. Where ever and whenever you want: at the office and at home. While watching television with a cup of tea. Abroad. On holiday. When you can't let go. Without worry...

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IP Telecom

During the last years telecommunication took a huge flight. Nowadays smartphones offer so many applications, that one almost forgets we can even make phonecalls with them.

In The Netherlands we have approximately seven million VOIP based connections: transport voice over the internet. Very pioneering and because of the lack of noise extremely good. It is possible to connect incoming calls to our pc or a landline. With our computer mouse we can make our telephone calls. We have the knowledge to apply such systems to your workplace and flexworkplace. Competing closely. And as you already pay for your internet connection, you also save call charges.

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We protect our children from the dangers of internet. But what about your own data? What part should not be transparent to your employees. We ensure your data are stored at your server via our network safe connection (NSC). 100 % secure: we guarantee your data will never be provided to third parties. Even if they or a Government ask.

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Solve IT developes specialized software. What you do not need, is excluded. The result is user friendly software. Software everyone is happy with, even your purchase department. They tend to forget about the purchase price as soon as they realize this investment yields.

We know how to program. And we know that the interests of the user of the software usually are different than those of the purchaser. We take that in account. With arguments that will please you.

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We can help

Solve IT wants to build up a relationship with you and our goal is making you our fan. For years. Not only because of our products or service. Our relationship is based on teamwork and therefore we offer cooperation treaties. In addition we offer service agreements for hardware and you can choose for “optional management”. By offering flexible subscriptions you can choose for which support you want to pay.

We know how irritating it is when problems occur. We don't mind to find solutions outside ordinary business hours; if necessary we will work the entire night to ensure the server is operational the next morning.

We offer specific service for your computer problems with Windows (all versions), Mac OS/X, LINUX and various Unix varieties (BSD, Irix, HPUX, AIX). Do you experience problems? Look at net-Support, here on our Supportwebsite.

my windows computer
my mac

Did you not find what you are looking for? Please contact us by telephone of fill in our contact form. We offer help in no time, so you can proceed with your activities.



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Did your installer ever leave you out in the cold in a weekend when your central heating boiler failed a Friday afternoon? Yes? Are you still a customer?

We also long for service and commitment from our suppliers. We expect help when we are unable to continue. We treat you as we want to be treated. We are proud you chose our company.

We are aware that a well-working system and network are of vital importance for your company. You can always count on our support. Are you attending an exhibition outside regular support hours? Please let us know and we will see to it that you can reach us if you need us.

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IT infrastructure

Solve IT prefers a multiple network with a Secure network. Thus we do not only separate all devices from the Internet, but also from each other. The safety of your server is guaranteed 100 %. Because we are depending on Internet more and more, we want to reduce risks and therefor we combine multiple Internet connections to one.

Because we use Internet more and more, we need more and more bandwidth.

Slow connections are frustrating. We divide the server so the internet connection is guaranteed for every application.

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Whatever we supply. Computers or software. Service or products. You must be able to use it, also in the long term.

We offer several courses, so you can keep your computer network under control.


Info request

We invite you to contact us if you have any questions or want more information about a service. You can reach us by phone at +31365222003 or via the contact form below.


Solve Information Technology B.V.

Schepenveld 12-00
3891 ZK Zeewolde

Phone: +31 36 5222003
Helpdesk: +31 36 5221919

Fax.: +31 36 5225129
Chamber of Commerce: 62262157
VAT:: NL854733929B01
NL97 RABO 03 22 83 63 28

Would you like to request information,
please fill out our form !

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