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The computer. At home, on the road and at work we cannot live without it anymore.

When we founded Solve Information Technology twenty years ago, we could not suspect that you could trip over wireless internet, that social network sites consisted of more than a billion users, that DJ Armin van Buuren would not be able to play without a laptop and we would be able to see the whole world with Google Earth.

However, we did realize, that most computer errors occur between your computer's keyboard and the back of your seat. But also that this indispensable machine with we start our working day at the office by pressing one button, could falter... And you might get a tendency to throw the same device out of the window...

We made our business of computers and computer networking. But especially of people, who want to continue working when that device does not...

We focus especially at small and medium-sized enterprises , self-employed without staff, educational institutes like elementary schools, maritime solutions and (international) arbitration.