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We, as small sized enterprise offer smart workplace (flexplace) solutions: access to your data with all your IT devices from any workplace. You decide who has access to certain data and who are allowed to share this information.

By saving and managing e-mail, agenda, contacts, tasks and notes centrally you save time, time you can invest in your company. With our Smart Business Service you have access to all your data at any time and everywhere, just like larger companies do. And when your company expands we simply adjust your management environment. Your wishes and demands are our priority and you can always continue working. May we convince you without obligation?

When you are self-employed without staff, you can shift your workload, but not escape from it. You work to be able to make ends meet and you work longer than people in employment. As you cannot continue without customers, you must bring your product or service to their attention. You can do that with your online business card: a website built by us and suitable for your budget. We also register and host your website.

Cartoon Internet