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In times of inkpot and dip pen teachers told their students of huge machines in America. Mainframes, that were able to calculate the most complex arithmetical processes. In classrooms pen and paper are replaced by tablets, that provides us with more possibilities than the mainframes at that time: blackboard and chalk are replaced by the digital board. It is quite a while ago that teacher and student left the schoolproperty at the same time.

Education improves, but also becomes more complicated. A workplace at home / flexworkplace is an extension of the workplace in the classroom. While students send homework encrypted against fraude by e-mail via laptop or tablet, teachers process results and student information quickly and practically in order to share that with people who have access to these data. If desired tutor and management can coach the student at home via a PC monitor. Quick, cheap and practical!

For these users we became the smartest boy in the classroom. We use current information technology for IT infrastructure, which we can implement in any networksystem, suitable for any type of education and school and for low prices. Independent of hard- and software, but guaranteed ecologically sound.

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