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Our net-Master server protects your local network against threat from the Internet by means of an advanced firewal, similar to extremely expensive commercial firewalls (thousands of euros).

Our net-Master server also offert redundancy by forging multiple Internet connections to one Internet connection.

Your local network can be controlled by multiple network cards. We can use seveeral methods to obtain maximum capacity: segmenting and bounding, from 100Mb up to 10GB and with copper or glass.

The net-Master server has many Linux basic applications, developed and maintained by an Open Source Community. Commerce is not important, but quality and that is why there are hardly any problems. Should a problem occur, it is limited to only one application and not the whole system. Our net-Master servers are 100 % safe for Internet attacks.

More and more commercial developers discover the Linux platform: IBM with Lotus Notes groupware end Kerio with a Kerio-connect mail server. They offer more functionality than Exchange for instance. Even companies like Oracle, Steam, Google and Microsoft contribute to the functionality of Linux. In addition we develop applications, like management and monitor tools, net-SafeConnect and net-Safe disk for VPDN entrances and net-Transcripts for our net-Master servers. That way we indirectly contribute to the Open Source Community.