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Smart Business Service

Your cloud in our cloud server

As employer or self employed without staff you can work with your own net-Master server, but it is too expensive to buy your own hardware.

We deliver the Smart Business Server (SBS). Your server runs virtually in our data center; “your cloud in our cloud server”. Or, as they say, working in the 'Cloud'. Cloud is a marketing concept because every device connected with the Internet is already “in the Cloud”. It means, that the services used can be approached via the Internet. This can be your own server, but also our SBS.

The most important advantage of SBS is, that you do not need to worry about your IT. We care for backups, safety and updates. Even your privacy is guaranteed; licences are yours and so is your information, your data. It even is possible to store your data on your own harddisk. That harddisk is storage for your SBS. That way you will be less vulnerable if your computer, tablet and/or smartphone breaks down. You can connect almost every device to your SBS. You can do that with the PC of your neighbours or with a notebook or tablet you can rent from us.

In The Netherlands we can put a sticker on our mailbox to prevent reception of advertising leaflets and free local papers. We think this also counts for your e-mailbox and therefore we make sure spam and other annoying advertisements do not reach you.

Lampje Ingmar