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Workplace / Flexible workplace

Times of “the” Windows PC are over. The flexible workplace is meant to enable you to work. You decide what you need: smartphone, desktop computer, ergonomic mouse and or silent desktop.

Solve IT looks at the desired situation and smartly applies technology. A Flex-PC is based on Android, so desktop flex workplaces can easily be managed. Within a few minutes the flex-PC is an integral part of your network. It can use full HD video, browse and connect to Remote Desktop Servers.

The smartOffice PC is a powerful Windows or Ubuntu computer. Performance and energy consumption are matched. No large harddisk, but a modern and fast SSD, a working memory of 4GB or more. The smartOffice PC is silent, it has a passive cooling system and therefore needs no fans. It is more than enough for the office.

For graphic programs like CAD and DTP systems we use Enhanced Machines (EM), Workstations or Apple MacPro's. The EM workstations are equipped with nVidia Quadro cards, whether or not with SLI setup.
The disk reaches speeds of 10.000 MB/sec because of a PCI-E SSD.

We have mobile flexible workplaces in various designs. Apple or Windows notebooks, iPads and Android tablets, but also SmartPhones and Chrome books can be used. You decide How, When and Where.